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New Deadline: February 15th, 2016

We will be using an online submission system to collect all submissions to the Proceedings volume. You should register to use this online submission system, found HERE

All contributions must be submitted via this online site, and authors should take care to submit their contribution to the correct Symposium number- this will have to be selected by the author from a dropdown menu on submission.

Invited Speakers

Sami Solanki   Fundamental questions and challenges 

Andrés Asensio  Advances in high-resolution solar observations - I

Mats Carlsson  Advances in high-resolution solar observations - II

Tiago Pereira Energy and mass transport in the solar atmosphere - I

Juan Martinez-Sykora  Energy and mass transport in the solar atmosphere - II

Jong Qiu Multi-scale magnetic reconnection

Lucia Kleint Fine structure of solar flares

Kazunari Shibata Solar-stellar connections

Rebeca Centeno  Fine structure and dynamics of active regions and sunspots - I

Illa R. Losada / Michael Kirk Fine structure and dynamics of active regions and sunspots - II

Fátima Rubio da Costa Energy release and explosive events 

Chun Xia Structure and dynamics of flux rope formation and eruption

Tom van Doorsselaere Wave phenomena and atmospheric dynamics

Stuart Bale Magnetic structure and dynamics of coronal holes and solar wind

Lindsay Glesener High energies - fine structure (radio, X and gamma rays)


Chairs of SOC

Santiago Vargas Domínguez (OAN, Universidad Nacional de Colombia)

Alexander Kosovichev (NJIT, USA)

Juan Carlos Martínez Oliveros (SSL, UC Berkeley, USA)

Patrick Antolin (NAOJ, Japan & University of St Andrews UK)   

Louise Harra (MSSL, UK), 

Cristina Mandrini (CONICET, Argentina).


Scientific Organising Committee

Laura Balmaceda (Argentina)

Luis Ramon Bellot Rubio (Spain)

Michele Bianda (Switzerland)

Juan Camilo Buitrago-Casas (USA)

Mark Cheung (USA)

Ineke De Moortel (UK)

Sirajul Hasan (India)

Ryoko Ishikawa (Japan)

Valentin Martínez Pillet (USA)

Rob Rutten (Netherlands)

Natalia Schukina (Ukraine)

Brigitte Schmieder (France)

Oskar Steiner (Germany)

Mike Wheatland (Australia)

Jingxiu Wang (China).





The understanding of the fine structure and dynamics of the solar atmosphere requires a considerable coordinated effort of observers, theorists and experts in realistic numerical simulations. The proposed symposium is very timely and important. It will make an important step in the big international effort for our understanding of the solar atmosphere with large telescopes and detailed modelling. The Symposium will provide a forum for discussion of the recent advances, and a platform for developing new coordinated observing and theoretical programs. This Symposium will be of great interest also for the IAU Divisions studying stellar atmospheres, starspots, exoplanetary systems, and developing advanced observational techniques and theoretical models.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Cartagena de Indias !